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internet celebrity culture has the power to grant essentially any person a direct position of power and influence over young and impressionable people, with no filter in between.

it can be taken advantage of on a whim with little friction, both actively by people who actively plan and endeavor to take advantage of people, as well as passively by people whose intentions may be less overtly sinister but who show reckless and irresponsible negligence toward understanding and policing their own actions.

if you do or have ever had any place in internet celebrity culture, it is a necessity that you fully understand the implications of it. it is your responsibility not only to hold others in your circles and community accountable for their actions, but to look inward and understand how it affects you and how to detect and address warning signs in yourself before anyone else has to.

this has gotten to the point where everyone in these communities needs to be engaged personally in the conversation, both internally and externally. the level of tolerance for this shit by community figures needs to drop off the map and the conversation needs to be visible.


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