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"Summer In The City: Creator Day" (2014)
- permanent marker & crayon sketch, by Gary C

Awh lookies! Gary drew me and others who attended Summer in the City’s creator day :)
Tino I send you hugs & love <3 <(^-^<)


send me love, i need love rn, kthanks.

ok, i think i’m ready for someone to set me up on a date now. come on friends, find me a man.


faggatronprime replied to your post: faggatronprime replied to your post:…

£50 is a lot for James Blake, i mean, he’s incredible, but also if Justin Timberlake is charging that much,and Kanye is up in the £80-£100 range, it’s a BIT much. But who would put a price on Blakey?

it was like £20 initially (which sold out quickly) and the £50 tickets are on seatwave but tbh i think itd be worth it

going through my tags and seeing this conversation here. this obviously happened before I saw him at Glastonbury last year. After seeing him again this year, yes Wav, I would pay £50 to see James Blake again.